US Marine vs Air Force Strength and Endurance Battle

Are you ready to bear witness to one of the most challenging events at the Battle Bunker ? Welp… ready or not … we are here. 

Tyler, a Corporal United States Marine, took on Technical Sergeant Aaron for a grueling battle at the Battle Bunker. Here’s how scoring works, after round one and two of the challenge the winner is awarded one point on the scoreboards, round three is worth two points for the winner then an overall winner is selected.  

But before we get to the challenge, yall… no one showed up to cheer on Aaron, so send him some spirit fingers for support… I mean the competition is over but you never know.

Event 1

And so it begins… the first challenge is the bunny hop, Aaron takes the lead and makes it to the cargo net first. 

Now remember these are big guys…You would think the net would be super strong.. No doubt.. Yet, Austen gets concerned. “Hopefully my net can support all this meat” he says.. [umm's a little late for that Austen]  but let's see what happens. 

No surprise,  both men made it down at roughly the same time and none of them said thanks to the sturdy net. 

Next up is the tires, they start at the same time but Aaron falls and has to do burpees while Tyler continues. Ain't that a shame. 

Tyler takes the lead and makes it to the ropes… now, here's the thing, your feet cannot touch the trench when you're on the ropes.. And well Tyler's feet touched, so now he has to do burpees which gives Aaron a chance to catch up then Aaron.

Both men are not only competitive but motivated… no complaining whatsoever.

Next they crawl under what seems like the most dangerous obstacle ever and Tyler takes the win for the first event. 

Event Two

Now the real competition starts. Event number two is 100 feet sled pull up a hill.  

Here’s what's required. The men will have 100 feet of rope,  with a 70 pound weighted sled with 7 bricks. They must pull the sled to the destination then assemble the bricks in the correct pattern. Yall… this is not only muscle power… we need brain power too okay?!

And remember that they at 1200 feet elevation.. “1200 feet in the air” says Austen.

us marine battle bunker

After a few minutes and some great pulls… Tyler gets it done first and starts opening the bag of bricks. Aaron gets done pulling, and Tyler is still trying to open the bag of bricks. OMG! 

Now it's a matter of assembling the brings, and boom, Tyler gets the job done yet again. He’s on a roll. And the scoreboard says Tyler is 2-0. But the game is not over yet. 

The Final Event

The final event is less on strength and more on speed. The men have to lift a 35 lb barrel up the hill. This event is worth two points, so Aaron has the chance to tie the game. 

battle bunker us marine vs air force

Now both men are doing a fantastic job. This is the last event, and they are neck and neck. Then Aaron takes the lead [ go, Aaron, go Aaron]. Austen tries to motivate Tyler, but at this point, it seems done ‘diddy.’ Aaron maintains the lead, and the competition ends with Tyler two and Aaron two, and it's a draw yall. 

I hope you enjoyed reading the recap of this great challenge. Be sure to let us know if you want to see Tyler vs. Aaron 2! Watch the full video down below.

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