6 Best Outdoor Exercises for Staying in Shape

Many outdoor workouts are free, and they're the perfect way to stay active this summer. With all of the outdoor activities available these days, it's easy to find a workout that is fun and effective. In order to make your outdoor fitness routine as efficient as possible, we compiled a list of six outdoor exercises you can do right now!

Rucking or Hiking

-Rucking is a great outdoor workout because it strengthens the core and lower body. Rucks don't HAVE to be long or difficult, but you can always make them as challenging as necessary. If rucking isn't really your thing, consider hiking instead. The difference between rucking and hiking is, rucking is performed with a weighted backpack or heavier plate carrier and hiking is done with less weight and usually only essentials for the outdoors in your bag. Fear not - you can build your way up to rucking through hiking if that is necessary for you.


-Calisthenics are a great way to get in an outdoor workout with little equipment necessary. Bodyweight exercises like squats, lunges, and pushups can be done anywhere there is some open space. Additionally, if you have access to a park or playground, these areas usually offer more challenging obstacles to work through such as monkey bars, and we LOVE obstacles!

Here's a sample of a bodyweight workout you can try in the park, forest, or any outdoor area (maybe not your neighbor's backyard).

  1. 20 Pushups
  2. 20 Jumping Jacks
  3. 20 Crunches
  4. 20 High Knees
  5. 20 Second Rest

Repeat this 5 times and you're going to break a sweat! Unless you're in the Arctic...which we don't recommend.


-Swimming is a great workout for all fitness levels and it can be done outdoors or indoors. Swimming outdoors provides an amazing view (if you're lucky) and the water feels refreshing on those hot summer days. If swimming laps isn't your thing, consider doing some outdoor water workouts like aqua jogging, aqua cycling, or meditative movement. Check out this sample swim we've mustered up for you to try.

Pool Length Sprint (Freestyle Stroke) then, pool length easy swim back.

Repeat this 3-5 times then take a short breather. Swimming can be tricky especially if you are performing these sprints.


- Yoga is a great outdoor workout because it can be done anywhere there is room to move. The best part about yoga outdoors is the peaceful setting and fresh air. If you're looking for an outdoor yoga routine, we've got one for you! This sequence will help open up your hips and shoulders while strengthening your core. You can do a quick search on YouTube to see these tutorials. YOu're more than welcome to catch up on our episodes while you're there too 😁

Downward Dog

Camel Pose

Chair Pose

Low Lunge

Warrior III

Tree Pose

Scale pose (optional)

Repeat this sequence two to three times, then end in downward dog.

Trail Running

-Trail running is a great outdoor workout because it provides an opportunity to explore nature while getting in a good run. Trail running can be as easy or difficult as you make it, and there are trails of all levels all over the world. If you're looking for a new outdoor running route, check out your state or national parks! They usually have a variety of trails to choose from. If you're looking for an outdoor running challenge, try out this route!

Miles 0- .75: Warm up on a flat surface

Mile .76-.85: Climb a gradual hill

Mile .86-.: Run downhill

Repeat this sequence two to three times depending on your current fitness level.

Sandbag Exercises


-Sandbag exercises are an awesome outdoor workout because they require little equipment but can provide a lot of strength training. Sandbags don't HAVE to be heavy, but we recommend putting some weight in that bad boy! Consider picking up one of these bad boys for some fun outdoor fitness!

Here are some outdoor exercises you can do with a sandbag.

20 Alternating Front Lunges (each leg) with a sandbag on the shoulder or in front of the chest.

20 Overhead Shoulder Press

20 Sandbag Rows (grab the sandbag handles if you have them - if not, grab the material of the bag

Combine these and perform 5 rounds - you've got yourself a lower body/shoulder/back workout!


There you have it, six outdoor workouts to help you break a sweat this summer! Get out there and explore your surroundings while getting in a good workout. And don't forget to tag us in your sweaty outdoor selfies on Instagram (@thebattlebunker)! #outdoorworkouts #sweatyselfies. Happy trails!

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