Meet the Host of the Battle Bunker - Austen Alexander

Hi, I'm Austen Alexander. I'm a 30 year old fitness enthusiast, veteran, and creator from Florence, Alabama.

austen alexander

I've enjoyed working behind and in front of the camera and I LOVE hosting the episodes that you've seen online. I've been blessed to be able to do it full time and meet lots of great people doing so.


Video Background


I've always been interested in creating videos. Even back in middle school I filmed and produced a news show called "Current Events". This is where I learned how to edit and compile clips together.

During my military career, I got back into filming and creating short video stories about deployment, fitness routines, and challenge type videos. Eventually posting them on YouTube and doing it consistently for 3 years and counting.


Today, the Battle Bunker is a perfect mix of creating, hosting, editing, and merging it with my passion for fitness.

I love seeing competitors battle it out in head-to-head style events and it gets me excited to host the episodes everytime we create them.


Outside of the Battle Bunker


Creating outside of the Battle Bunker has been a hobby of mine as well. Taking on fitness challenges, life challenges, entertaining and editing is all a part of what I do on my main YouTube channel.



It's a LOT of work, but I'm dedicated to producing the best content that I can to inspire and motivate the viewers of my channel and content.


If you don't already, you can follow me on Instagram or visit my website to learn more.



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